Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Market Garden Turn 3 week 1 summary

This week the allies successfully managed to push on and retake Endhoven, re-securing there supply lines along two roads. A battle was fought to a standstill to the west of Endhoven, neither general able to push the objectives. The advance has definitely gained steam as it gets closer to Arnhem, will the allies be able to keep up the momentum or will the Germans be able to buy enough time to see the arrival of there heavies?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week update Turn 2 week 2:

Dateline September 1944, place Arhnem. The boys are fighting hard to bring down nazi Germany 1 bridge at a time, the operation, we now know is named Market Garden is set to continue its advance through the Dutch towns allowing a massive flanking manoeuvre into Hitlers vital Ruhr region. The bridgeheads continue to expand as the paratroopers make unopposed moves into several regions.

All is not unopposed though and tough fights ensue for several regions but out boys backed up by that well known british resolve win out, Go Get em Chaps!

NEWSFLASH: The court-marshal of sergeant Johnson progressed today, johnson is accused of shooting his company commander in the back after he ordered a retreat with objective in sight, no one is quite sure who fired the shot that killed the Captain though as he was found riddled with close to 100 30cal and rifle rounds in his body.

The allies are pushing closer to the vital region up the Arhnem road. They have managed to link up with American paratroops and get them supplies from France. This is a tenuous link though with only one road servicing the paratroops and forward Arhnem elements. Will the allies be able to expand there supply network and continue the push or will it be cut, leaving them in a tight spot. Time will tell.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This week the allies continue there advance into Holland. The armoured thrust manage to seize the town of Eindhoven in a brilliantly executed attack, while another armoured thrust smashed into Helmond Bridge. The British para's in the north managed to repel and the counter-attack against a thrust from anhem west by the Germans. The Germans did manage to overrun DZ-N to the east of Nijmagen. is this the start of a German counter offensive or will the allied plan hold.

Remember that tomorrow night is the last night at 1000points so get painting for next week! Also I am pleased to say that Steve among having "the entire fucking whermacht" also has a model of Arhnem bridge in the pipeline so look forward to seeing this on the table when he gets it painted. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome all to week ones summary.

First off an apology to everyone. i did promise this up last week but hopefully it has been worth the wait. so lets get to it!


The allied offensive has opened to the sound of thunderous artillery. As paratroopers rained from the skies they dug in on there LZ ready for counter-attacks that never came, it would seem that there really was nothing left but old men and young boys after all.

30 Corps and 13 Corps meanwhile smashed into the Fallschirmjager units opposite them, bringing the full brunt of the allied war machine to bear falling back was all the Germans could do! 7 Corps meanwhile found the defences opposite them somewhat more formidable and was fought to a standstill, but for how long.

With the initial allied thrust off to a resounding success can the Germans seize the initiative and counter attack, or will the battle be over quick and the war over by Christmas!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Bridge to far

And so it begins.

With the single road and nothing but old men and boys between the fine forces of 30 corps and being home by Christmas the greatest airborne operation ever has been launched. Under the command of Field Marshal Keith 30 corpse with the ever valiant Irish Guard leading the way are going to relive the paras, save the day and end the war by Christmas.

But all its not as it seems, not if the German forces under Field Marshal Guy have anything to say about it. For allied intelligence has underestimated the German forces present in the area. For among the old men and boys are the hardened veterans of not only a fallschirmjager regiment but the remainder of an entire fallschirmjager division. Further backing this up are several SS divisions recuperating in the region around Arhnem.

So with only 7 days of planing and preparation the operation is set to not only decide the fate of a few bridges but the fate of Europe and the war itself, the question on all sides was the same, 'Could this be over by Christmas'?